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The Moores Welcome Baby J

This sweet family goes to my church, but I hadn’t met them before our session. I love when families invite me in to just be with them for a few hours, without an agenda or pressure to get perfect photos … because the imperfect, in-between photos capture true personalities and love between family members.

Emily's Wedding

One of my dearest friends, Emily, got married a month ago to the man of her dreams. Emily is one of the most thoughtful, sweetest people I know, and I've been so lucky to have her in my life since college. I was a bridesmaid, so the photos are a bit sporadic, but I grabbed Em and Justin for a couple minutes of portraits when I had a chance. 


Baby J Joins the Family | Sykesville Newborn Documentary Photography

Last month, I visited my cousin Susan to meet her newest addition, sweet Baby J. We spent the morning running around with the older kids, sneaking quiet moments of cuddling, and eating around the table catching up. 

Susan is awesome. She's an amazing, kind, thoughtful mom. It's clear that the kids adore her, and that Luke loves being her partner (and vice versa). On top of all of that, she's also a senior manager in global insurance & risk financing at Under Armour ... and earned her MBA while working full-time with little kids at home. I love that she and Luke are equal partners - both intelligent professionals and engaged parents. And they're doing an amazing job at both. 

Ok, on to the exciting part ... the sweet photos! The kids are full of energy, so we sat down to get a couple of traditional family photos, but we spent most of the time just letting the kids be kids. It's my favorite type of session. 


Robert's White Coat Ceremony | Personal

Y'all. My baby brother is getting OLD. This guy is one of the hardest-working people I know, from high school wrestling championships, to spending long hours on the road as Jon Pardi's assistant tour manager, to getting into med school

My other brother, Conrad, and I flew down to Florida to spend the weekend with Robert and his girlfriend Morgan and see the official white coat ceremony. The faculty and students gather for a ceremony (similar to a graduation) in which the faculty put white coats on the new med students. Needless to say, it's a very exciting moment! 

I'm looking forward to following Robert's journey in medicine as he joins our medical family....and I'm excited to have another doctor in our generation, because the medical life is crazy!  Welcome to the fold, Robert! 

Trip to Telluride | The Adventures of J&S

Being the wife of a surgery resident certainly has its ups and downs, but one of the best parts is that my husband has several conferences throughout the year, and if I'm lucky enough to get permission to telework, I can tag along. This past summer, Jason attended the Telluride Experience with the Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety. Throughout his years as a resident, Jason has become quite passionate about patient safety and now serves on the Quality in Patient Safety (QIPS) Council.  

Anyway, in our free time, we took advantage of the beautiful mountains around us and explored the quaint town of Telluride. The annual Telluride Balloon Festival was the same weekend we were there, so we saw several hot air balloons up close. 

I'm officially adding Telluride to my list of "forever vacation" locations because it's so incredibly beautiful. 

I took all of the photos posted with the exception of the three closeups in a row and the portrait of us immediately above it. I love taking self-portraits of Jason and me with my tripod and remote :). 

I'm back!

Hi friends! I’ve been doing this professional photography thing for the last 8 or so years, and I used to blog, but as I progressed in my career as a federal consultant, I let blogging, social media, and such fall to the wayside.

I’m using this fall to get back in the game and will be blogging my shoots from the last year or so, along with other topics like living in DC, saving money, wedding planning, decorating on a budget, organizing, favorite recipes, and being married to a surgery resident. Way back in high school, English was my favorite class, and I know I’ll enjoy getting back to writing as well. 

Thanks for joining me on my journey!



Self-portrait at home with my (then) new fiancé. A camera with a timer, a patient co-conspirator, and a good remote are my best friends!

Self-portrait at home with my (then) new fiancé. A camera with a timer, a patient co-conspirator, and a good remote are my best friends!

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