Sarah Wineland


Vibrant, warm, and energetic portrait photographer located in our nation's capital. 


As you might have guessed, photography is a huge passion of mine. Freezing unique moments in time, capturing the love between people ... photography makes me come alive, and I want to share that gift with you!

My journey into photography began in college, when I signed up for a black & white film class taught by Mike Ivins, who went on to be the official photographer of the Red Sox.  

For my first assignment, I went out to Quincy Beach, across the harbor from Boston and just a few blocks from my school.  Hurrying  back to the darkroom, I tried to gingerly extricate the film from the canister in complete blackness so I could wind it onto the spool to develop the film.  Twenty minutes later, I was sitting on the floor, utterly humiliated, with the film still stuck in the canister.  When I finally got the film onto the spool and developed it, the pictures were awful.   But I stuck with it, worked hard, spent hours wandering the city with fellow students, and labored late nights bathed in crimson as I dodged and burned and fell in love.  

It has been many years, rolls of film, lenses, and cameras since I first sat on that darkroom floor, convinced I'd never amount to much of a photographer. And while I'm constantly learning and being challenged, I'm also ecstatic to share my art in a more public setting.   So, thank you for coming to visit! 



organizing everything

pine forests, sunrises, and salt air

international development

my wonderful church community

travel, and being invited into new cultures

sweet friends from all over

stalking Pinterest & then making crafts that take 5 times longer than I expect

travel, and being invited into new cultures

biking with my husband around DC


catching frogs

cherry blossoms

my sweet sister and two goofy, amazing brothers, along with my wonderful parents

collecting and playing lots of instruments & singing, especially with my family

reading 8 books at a time and sleeping with them next to me

my favorite surgeon

pick-your-own fruit

flag football


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